Ask a Medicaid Managed Care Plan Billing Panel 3: Beacon, BCBS Western, Excellus, Fidelis, United

When: Monday, February 8 - 3:30 PM

Duration: 1 hours 30 minutes

Location: WebEx

Event Details:

This webinar will begin with a quick refresher on the available MCTAC Billing Tools. The majority of the training will be comprised of a billing discussion with Medicaid Managed Care Plans, moderated by MCTAC. The panel aims to allow MMCPs to share what they are seeing/lessons learned so providers can make adjustments and enhance their billing process, facilitate communication between providers and MMCPs, and provide an opportunity for providers to voice their questions regarding billing.

*Plan Panel 1: CDPHP, Excellus, Fidelis, United

*Plan Panel 2: Beacon, Fidelis, HealthFirst, United

*Plan Panel 3: Beacon, BCBS Western, Excellus, Fidelis, United

Audience: All behavioral health outpatient/ambulatory providers who contract with Medicaid Managed Care Plans are welcome to attend. 

●    Primarily targeted at billing and finance staff as well as leadership.

●    But all agency members are invited to benefit from a better understanding of how billing and revenue cycle management affects their work. 

We suggest providers register based on the plans they contract with and have included the plan representatives that will make up each panel. Providers are welcome to register for more than one panel. 


We encourage you to complete this 2 min survey and indicate what you have billing questions about ahead of the panels so MMCPs can answer them on the webinar.


*Plan panels represent attendance as of the date of announcement.