Healing the Hidden Wounds of Internalized Racism

When: Wednesday, March 17 - 12:00 PM

Duration: 1 hours

Location: Webex

Event Details:

Internalized racism is the negative view of self based on the perceived inferiority of one’s own culture or race. Helping African Americans heal from the effects of internalized racism involves addressing the shame and stigma associated with a history of enduring racism, dehumanization and marginalization. The challenge in working with internalized racism is twofold: First, therapists may be challenged in their ability to address internalized racism due to a lack of cultural knowledge and/or skill.  Second, for clients it can often be difficult to discuss internalized racism in therapy because of the shame associated with the topic and the possibility that clients may be unaware of the ways in which it manifests in their lives.

 In this webinar, Dr. Janeé Steele will discuss internalized racism with a focus on cognitive behavioral strategies to conceptualize and treat it among the clients you serve. She will also discuss how these strategies can be applied to members of other marginalized groups.