Making Space at Work:Exploring Vicarious Trauma

When: Thursday, April 29 - 1:00 PM

Duration: 1 hours

Location: Webex

Event Details:

Vicarious trauma (VT) can be understood as the transformation of a client’s traumatic experiences to a clinician, causing that clinician to themselves have their own trauma reaction. While our drive to help those grappling with trauma may be part of what brought us to clinical work, VT is still a growing and serious issue. It is estimated that over 90% of clinicians work with survivors of trauma and are therefore at risk for VT. Furthermore, VT can be detrimental to clinician well-being, longevity in the field, and our ability to serve communities in need. This webinar will focus on supporting providers in understanding what VT looks and feels like.  Discussion will focus on better identifying VT, making space for its experiences in your work setting, and ways to build up your protective factors and mitigate risk factors.

The goals for this webinar are to: 

  • To be able to identify VT in yourself and your workplace
  • Provide a brief overview of the research on VT
  • Create space to discuss experiences with VT
  • Provide a primer on how VT can be approached and mitigated in the workplace

About the Presenter:

Julian Cohen-Serrins, LCSW

Julian Cohen-Serrins is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He received his MSW at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice, and is currently a PhD Student at New York University’s Silver School of Social Work. Julian’s career spans across various mental health organizations such as community wellness centers, homeless shelters, and partial hospital programs in both clinical and leadership roles. Julian’s research focuses on divergent views about what causes burnout in acute care settings, as well as the effectiveness and equity of the interventions and strategies used to mitigate it.