Creating Inclusive Environments in Peer Roles: Navigating Mental Health in the LGBTQ+ Community & Understanding Gender

When: Wednesday, June 9 - 1:00 PM

Duration: 1 hours 30 minutes

Location: Webex

Event Details:

Robbie Lettieri, the Youth Peer Services Training and Credentialing Manager at FTNYS will discuss the meanings of gender, sex assigned at birth/biological sex, intersex, transgender, gender fluidity, and more!  A diverse group of panelists will share their experiences and address common struggles within the LGBTQ+ community regarding emotional wellbeing and access to support services. We will also dive into the depths of how culture impacts the LGBTQ+ community, specifically within the BIPOC community. We’ll engage in some brief activities to uncover our own prejudices and explore opportunities to create inclusive youth peer environments.  

About the Presenter:

Robbie Lettieri (he/him) is a national public speaker and advocate who is passionate about creating a more inclusive and supportive society. Growing up in both the health care and mental health system, Robbie is dedicated to advocating for others who have endured both similar and abstract hardships. Being a part of multiple boards and committees on state and local levels, he consistently strives to advocate for the larger voice. With years of experience coordinating and facilitating trainings and events, managing a statewide workforce, offering individual and group support, and advocating on a system, peer, and individual level, he takes his lived experience and holistic approaches to new levels every opportunity he gets.


  1. Alia Pierre (She/Her): NYC Regional Youth Partner
  2. Zack Kilmer (He/Him): Public Policy & AMPLIFY-NY Coordinator
  3. Ari Sues (They/Them): Youth Power Ambassador
  4. Imari Wilson (He/Him & They/Them): Youth Peer Engagement Specialist