To Telehealth or Not to Telehealth: Supporting Child and Adolescent Mental Health Providers

When: Thursday, March 30 - 1:00 PM

Duration: 1 hours

Location: Zoom

Event Details:

Telehealth (also referred to as telemental health or telepsychiatry) has rapidly become a popular modality and has unique advantages and challenges. Choosing whether or not to use telehealth can be an important decision that impacts equity, engagement and progress in treatment. As such, it is helpful for providers working with children, adolescents, and families to consider core areas across modalities (e.g., virtual, in-person, or hybrid care) to determine which modality is most feasible and promising for the recipients of care.

This webinar is designed to support mental health providers as they navigate options for service modalities in a manner that embodies shared-decision making. It will briefly lay the foundation for telehealth services and describe five core areas to consider: access, privacy/confidentiality, safety, assessment, and intervention. The presenters will discuss these areas by sharing examples from their own clinical practice and experience. They will highlight how they arrive at a clinical determination, which is made in collaboration with the parents/guardians (and the youth where appropriate), for the service modality. Guiding questions for you to keep in mind will be shared along with strategies to problem-solve potential barriers to telehealth use. 


Participants who attend will:   

  • Identify areas that impact the feasibility of telehealth’s success and appropriateness

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to best incorporate telehealth in practice 

  • Learn how to clinically assess for a clinical determination of appropriateness for a service delivery modality 

  • Hear examples on how to consider the core areas impacting telehealth use as well as problem-solve potential issues to honor the recipient of care’s preference when clinically appropriate