Understanding Mass Shootings: Supporting Youth, Families, and the Community Through Our Collective Trauma

When: Friday, September 29 - 1:30 PM

Duration: 2 hours

Location: Zoom

Event Details:

This webinar will focus on mass shootings in schools and the impact and relevance for mental health professionals. It will highlight these events as targeted violence, or premeditated acts that target specific populations. Presenters will discuss the prevalence of these events, reported commonalities amongst perpetrators, and clientele impacted by these events. They will also discuss how this increased understanding can be applied to support youth and families. The needs of youth, families, and the community will be analyzed and the ways trauma manifests in different groups will be explored. 

By the end of the session participants will:

  • Gain a greater understanding of the perpetrators of targeted violence, discuss common misconceptions, media and political influence, and how they might use this information in a clinical setting.
  • Demonstrate their understanding of how incidents of mass violence may impact the individual, the community, as well as the practitioner, and relate this to treatment modality.
  • Analyze targeted violence from a macro level, predicting possible concerns of clientele, distinguishing traumatic impact on the individual and on the populace.
  • Investigate options for future interactions with their clientele in cases of mass trauma.

About the Presenter

Ken Kikuchi

Ken Kikuchi, PsyD, LCP, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with more than 17 years of experience in healthcare services. He brings a comprehensive approach to psychotherapy, utilizing a combination of cognitive and behavioral techniques alongside humanistic approaches that address complex trauma, existential concerns, and mindfulness/acceptance. Dr. Kikuchi's therapeutic methods are tailored to assist clients in effectively adapting to various life changes.

Thomas Crowe

With 30+ years in disability service and support, Thomas Crowe, MSW, currently acts as the Director of Disability Services within a post-secondary institution, chairs the Threat Assessment Team, and teaches neurodiversity to Illinois law enforcement. He is currently pursuing his doctorate in Traumatology from Liberty University, where he is studying school shooters and targeted violence. .