Social Media, Sexting and Technology-Facilitated Sexual Violence: Education and Resources for Youth and Caregivers

When: Tuesday, December 12 - 1:00 PM

Duration: 1 hours 30 minutes

Location: Zoom

Event Details:

The misuse of technology by some individuals can lead to safety and mental health concerns in tweens, teens and emerging adults. This webinar will introduce service providers to technology-facilitated sexual violence (TFSV), which encompasses online sexual and gender-based harassment, cyberstalking,virtual rape, and image-based sexual abuse (IBSA) in the forms of nonconsensual image distribution, sextortion, and digital forgeries (aka deepfakes) (Henry & Powell, 2018). The rise of IBSA, aka “revenge porn”, which involves the nonconsensual creation of, distribution of, and/or threat to distribute, nude or sexual images (Citron & Franks, 2014; McGlynn et al., 2017) is a growing challenge for youth service providers and educators.

In this offering, you will learn about different forms of TFSV, the prevalence of intimate image sharing in these vulnerable populations, the harms this form of violence causes to victim-survivors, ways service providers can support victim-survivors and their caregivers, and basic principles for educating clients about TFSV. Evidence-based resources will be provided, including a review of NY state law around TFSV.

After this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the most common forms of TFSV and their consequences for victim-survivors
  • Recommend TFSV resources to victim-survivors and their caregivers
  • Discuss basic evidence-based education on TFSV with the clients they serve

About the Presenter

Randi Spiker, M.S., is a psychological scientist working in the Power, Women and Relationships (PWR) Lab at Florida International University. Her research is in violence prevention across the developmental lifespan, with a special focus on technology-faciliated sexual violence and the socio-cultural development of attitudes about violence, victims and perpetrators. Randi is a recognized expert in the field of TFSV, and has been invited to speak at the Association of Title IX Administrators national conference, in addition to several colleges, universities and school districts across the country. Beyond consultation and research, Randi is also a national representative on the American Psychological Association’s Science Student Council, a part of APA’s Science Directorate, which is charged with the responsible facilitation, promotion and dissemination of psychological science to policymakers, stakeholders, service providers and the wider community.