Supervision Clinical Intensive - Follow-Up Training NYC

When: Wednesday, June 12 - 10:00 AM

Duration: 3 hours

Location: Kimmel Center for University Life, Washington Square South, New York, NY, USA

Event Details:

Research and experience has emphasized the critical role played by supervisory level leadership in the provision of quality services, particularly in a rapidly changing and more accountable healthcare system. Supervisors are often challenged with assuming both managerial and leadership roles needed to meet day-to-day organizational operations, and at the same time, guide their team through system level changes. During times of change, the workforce can experience work-related stress that may impact their own well-being and productivity. The supervisor plays a key role here in supporting their staff by buffering these effects with core supervisory skills.

This two-part in-person training will guide a small cohort of supervisors in the following:

  1. Understanding key core competencies of supervision (e.g., supporting employee professional development and use of best practices, attending to employee burnout, guiding staff through change)

  2. Engaging in interactive exercises to enhance learning

  3. Self-appraising the supervisor’s alignment with optimal standards of supervisory practice at organization level

  4. Identifying and implementing a supervisory action plan that reflects the felt need of the supervisor

  5. Receiving support from presenters with tools to guide implementation