Family Treatment During The COVID-19 Pandemic Part 1: Building Your Skills as a Contextual Coach: Interventions from Family Therapy

When: Thursday, May 7 - 12:00 PM

Duration: 1 hours

Location: Webex

Event Details:

This offering is focused on supporting providers to consider the evidence on family treatment, and to include a parent-education and coaching component in their practice.  Young people spend far more time with family than they do with providers of services, and a focus on the family context in treatment can increase the positive impact of that time on the youth we serve.  Practitioners can support youth and their families by using contextual coaching strategies, which help caregivers respond to youth challenges with helpful strategies.  

This webinar will help practitioners understand and use contextual coaching strategies that can be used virtually. We will learn Role-Play and Rehearsal techniques and how they can be used to teach families important skills for responding to behaviors such as oppositional behavior, self-injury, bed wetting, anxiety, and obsessive thinking and behavior.  We will learn about some universal skills to practice with families including Planned Ignoring, Validation, and Caregiver Self-Soothing and Self-Management techniques. We will focus on how practitioners might use these techiques via virtual sessions, given our current reality during the COVID-19 Pandemic.